About the blog

The world has become a global village.

Overseas companies set up their subsidiaries or branch offices in Poland or post their employees to work here. Even before employment is formally finalized the HR services come across a number of employment law questions, starting from, when applicable, the right to stay and work permits. This blog is meant to acquaint the persons in charge and other interested readers with the main concepts of Polish employment law, with an emphasis put on the employer’s responsibilities.

Because of this the posts will essentially revolve around theory, but I will make sure to provide some practical hints and examples. Wherever possible, I will also try to show differences between Polish employment law and employment law of other countries. However, please bear in mind that compact and to-the-point articles typical of a blog do not always cover all details related to a given issue.

The great advantage of this blog as a medium is that you may comment on the posts and ask questions. I encourage you to do so and to leave a word on your local employment law regulations. I am certain your input elicits interesting discussions.

Kind regards to all readers,



2 Responses to About the blog

  1. Witam Pani Kalino!

    Gratuluję decyzji o założeniu bloga! Na pewno wiele on zmieni w Pani karierze, jak również w Pani życiu. Zawsze tak jest 🙂

    W razie wątpliwości proszę do mnie pisać. Zawsze chętnie Pani pomogę!

    Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

    • Dziękuję. Nie ukrywam, że decyzja o założeniu bloga (a właściwie blogów, bo szykuje się jeszcze jeden) zapadła po lekturze pańskich artykułów i innych blogów prawniczych. Materiałów jest ogromna masa, ale ich czytanie było przyjemnością i z niecierpliwością czekam na dalsze wpisy 🙂

      Z chęcią do Pana napiszę, gdy będę miała pytania.

      Czy może mi Pan zdradzić, jak trafił Pan na ten blog?

      Pozdrawiam znad morza 🙂


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