Penalties for illegal work in Poland

This is just a short entry to write about consequences of illegal work in Poland.

A foreigner will be considered to work illegally in Poland if:

  • he or she works without a required work permit or
  • he or she occupies a different post than stated in the work permit or
  • he or she works under different conditions than stated in the work permit.

A foreigner working illegally may be fined at minimum 1000 PLN and/or expelled from Poland.

An employer employing a foreigner illegally may be fined at minimum 3000 PLN.

This post closes the work permits series of entries. If you have any questions on that, or feel some more details would seem useful, please do not hesitate to ask! 🙂

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How to obtain a work permit in Poland – procedural aspects

The important thing about obtaining a work permit in Poland is that the future employer applies for it, not the employee; the employee doesn’t event participate in the procedure.

The application for the work permit must be filed with the relevant provincial governor, based on an official form. It must be accompanied by a set of additional documents, including corporate papers and a copy of last year’s tax return of the employer, personal information about the employee-to-be, head count of the employer plus some further documents, depending on the type of the work permit being applied for.

The work permit is generally issued for a fixed period of time, no longer than 3 years, and may be renewed (some variations apply depending on the kind of legal arrangement under which the foreigner is to work in Poland).

The work permit pertains to an individual foreigner; it names the employer and the post to be occupied or the kind of work to be done by the employee.

The fee for issuing the work permit is 50-200 PLN, depending on the length of employment and the legal arrangement under which work is to be done.

Once the work permit has been issued, the foreigner will be able to apply for a relevant residency instrument (e.g. a visa with the right to work or a temporary residency permit).

Practical hint: if you need a work permit for a foreigner, hire a professional firm to do it for you. They will help you gather the necessary documents and guide you through the procedure. It will be easier and quicker this way.

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